One Good Thing


The MTBoS Blogging initiative has begun! with two options to blog about.  Unfortunately, (or fortunately, depending on your perspective!) the timing of the blogging initiative is not quite right here in New Zealand – we’re still in summer holiday mode, just starting to wind up ready for the new school year.  I thought I’d better not pick the “a day in the life” option… so here’s my One Good Thing

Week 1: One Good Thing

Wednesday was “results” day for our senior students, where they received notification of how they did in their 2015 NCEA end of year examinations.  As part of NCEA, students can gain a subject endorsement award by performing extra well across the year in both internal and external assessments.  We had almost 60 students getting Excellence subject endorsement in Maths or Stats last year, and I’ve just spent the last few hours writing them each an individual congratulations postcard.

Excellence subject endorsement postcards

Yes, my hand is sore… yes, I’m sick of writing (the same phrase each time, sorry!), but I do love completing these tasks knowing that there will be 60 teenagers with a smile on their face when they realise that there’s some snail mail just for them.  That’s my good thing!

The other side of a postcard….

Right… off to post the postcards 🙂


8 thoughts on “One Good Thing

    1. I do try really hard to write postcards to parents after each big assessment – for our Excellence grades, and for “most improved” where I have a fair measure of this. Occasionally, when there’s lots of postcards to write students get to write their own to their parents – this is always funny, and I rarely censor them (I think I might be responsible for a dog and a car or two in the parent-bribing stakes). This round of postcards was to the students directly 🙂


  1. That is so very cool MIchelle! I bet your students are stoked to get those postcards 🙂 That’s also an impressive number of Excellence endorsements too – go CHS maths/stats dept!


    1. Not as many as I’d have liked overall for Stats, and always particular students you’re gutted for when they don’t quite get there. On the other hand, there’s lots of students that I was chuffed with their grades too…


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